Waste hierarchy

The next list shows some ideas of what you can do with many different things before you throw them to the rubbish:

  • Bottle
    • A 2 liters plastic soda bottle can be used for a solar water heater. [1]
  • Can
    • A bottle for pencils out of a 33cl. beverage can.
    • A solar water heater pasteurizer [2].
  • Computer parts
    • When we buy a more powerful computer often we get rid of the old one. Wrong! Most of the parts can still be used. For example, you may build an external hard disk out of old hard disks.
  • Envelopes

Used Fedex envelopes can be used for making a laptop bag, as you can see here.

  • Organic rests
    • Uncooked organic rests aren’t rubbish, make a compost for your garden.
  • Paper
    • Unwanted printed paper can be reused on the other side to take notes.
  • Plastic bags
    • The best is to avoid them, but if you have someone:
    • The Reflective plastic from inside chip bags as a reflector for a solar Water Heater. [3]
    • Make a pillow out of plastic bags
  • Tooth brush

An used tooth brush is a very efficient tool for cleaning places where you couldn’t with an standard brush, such as the chain of your bike.

  • Useful but unneeded item

In this case, instead of throwing it, you may sell it in ebay or give it for free in a community such as or

  • H2O
    • When you finish your meal, don’t throw the water in the sink, instead you may water the plants.
    • Harvest the water from the rain for your garden or for your toilet.
    • Harvest the water from your sink and shower for your toilet.
  • Windshield Shade

A windshield Shade can be used for building a solar cooker. [4]

Reuse - your questions Edit

Please fee free to list below any questions you suggest need answering

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