The Respect Standard for Housing Management (UK) was launched on August. 17 2006, following public consultation, which included a written consultation paper and a programme of regional consultation events.

Core commitments Edit

The Standard is built around six core commitments:

Accountability, leadership, and commitment Edit

  • Landlords need to make a visible commitment to the community so that everyone is clear they take issues of anti-social behaviour and Respect seriously and will deliver what they say they will.

Empowering and reassuring residents Edit

  • Landlords and the community need to work as one through involving residents and giving them input into decision making. Engagement and effective communications act to reassure and empower communities.

Prevention and early intervention Edit

  • Landlords can play a key role in preventing anti-social behaviour from occurring. Where it does occur if problems are addressed quickly this often gets the best results.

Tailored services for residents and provision of support for victims and witnesses Edit

  • Success rests on people being prepared to report and then give support to agencies in taking action. Every case and every person deserves a robust, tailored and sensitive response.

Protecting Communities through swift enforcement Edit

  • Government has provided landlords with the tools they need to tackle a whole range of anti-social behaviour. Landlords need to understand how tools work and be prepared to use them quickly to protect communities.

Support to tackle the causes of anti-social behaviour Edit

  • Provision of support can put an end to unacceptable behaviour by tackling underlying causes. This leads to sustainable outcomes and gets people’s lives back on track.
  • The Government will be encouraging residents to get engaged and hold their landlord to account. The Audit Commission, who carry out inspections of landlords, are also looking to strengthen their guidelines to landlords on what they expect a good landlord to be achieving in tackling anti-social behaviour. This will reflect the content of the Standard.

Random facts Edit

  • 18 per cent of all households (over 8 million people) rent from social landlords.

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