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Academic and Policy Research on Sustainable Community Action Edit

This is a new page which will hopefully evolve into a useful resource on current academic and policy research on Sustainable Community Action. Please add information about your own research here - this is a collaborative page! Note that the page is to be used by non-experts, and internationally - please try and tailor your comments to a very general audience.

Academic research groups and individuals Edit

(please list alphabetically and include name and affiliation in italics, short description of research, details on where to find further information if possible)

Middlemiss, Lucie, Sustainability Research Institute, School of Earth and Environment University of Leeds, UK My research aims to find out what happens to people that are involved in projects run by community-based organisations that attempt to persuade them to live more sustainably. Projects run by community-based organisations (such as schools, places of worship and social clubs) are believed to have important influences on the lives of individual participants. Community projects that focus on sustainability issues may lead people to think and act differently in their day-to-day lives. My research has looked at several case studies of community-led interventions to persuade individuals to live more sustainably. More information:

Policy research organisations Edit

(please list alphabetically and include name of contact person and organisation in italics, short description of research, details on where to find further information if possible)

  • RESOLVE, University of Surrey, ESRC Research Group on Lifestyles Values and Environment

Wanted pages and external links

  • Grassroots Innovations, Researching innovative approaches to sustainable development pioneered by community activists.




Transition towns

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