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"If the rhetoric of community-led regeneration is to be translated into real change, then informal networks are crucial to the journey . . ." Alison Gilchrist

Action Ideas Edit

  • Project pages in this wiki
  • Sustainable (Your town) pages in this wiki
  • Local sustainability directories in this wiki
  • Local sustainabiity picture libraries (online); share your pictures in this wiki (you need to be logged in to upload files - see Community Portal)
  • Credit unions W
  • Just Rewards New Start magazine campaign for a fair deal for community representatives who work tirelessly to make government regeneration schemes successful.
  • Healthy Living initiatives
  • Development trusts

Why it matters

Regeneration Initiatives can be concerned with sustainability, quality of life issues and community involvement.

Consultations Edit

  • Delivering Housing and Regeneration: Communities England and the future of social housing regulation. Consultation period: June 19 2007 to September 10 2007. Communities and Local Government

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  • Urban renewal W

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  •, How might we restore vibrancy in cities and regions facing economic decline




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