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High Speed 2: impact on Warwickshire, where the line is proposed to run through open countryside, is a major concern, CPRE, 11 March [1] “The firm commitment to community consultation made by Lord Adonis must be backed up by real engagement and flexibility. As with the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, local people’s contribution can help turn a contentious route into something that works both national and locally.” place

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Hold inquiry into Postwick Hub or risk legal challenge, 15 February [2] place, Norwich Northern Distributor Road W

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Toronto Critical Mass 2009
Plans for a new Local Sustainable Transport Fund, 22 September [3] The fund might be used by local transport authorities outside London to encouraging walking and cycling, initiatives to improve integration between travel modes and end-to-end journey experiences, better public transport and improved traffic management schemes. topic

Wun tram Nottingham the least car-dependent city in England, closely followed by London and Brighton and Hove, 13 September [4] The worst cities for dependency on the car are Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Luton. The full ranking (from least car dependent to most): 1 Nottingham, 2 London, 3 Brighton and Hove, 4 Manchester, 5 Liverpool, 6 Newcastle, 7 Cambridge, 8 Birmingham, 9 Plymouth, 10 Southampton, 11 Sunderland, 12 Leicester, 13 Bristol, 14 Leeds, 14 Coventry, 16 Sheffield, 17 Luton, 18 Peterborough, 19 Milton Keynes

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High speed rail proposals announced, March 11 [5] 'Y'-shaped network would bring the West Midlands within about half an hour of London, and deliver journey times of 75 minutes or less from Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester to the capital. Construction expected to start after the Crossrail scheme is completed from 2017 with the high speed network opening in phases from 2026.

  • Almost 60 per cent of people now back reduced car use and there's strong support for alternative travel options like improved public transport. 28 January [6]
  • 5 Environmental groups issue manifesto focusing on alternatives to car dependency, 26 January [7]
  • Government reports show roads building is poor value for money, 18 January [8]

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