• Government should plan for a national Oyster card for the UK, not just local tickets, so that public transport can provide a real door-to-door alternative to the car. Campaign for Better Transport, 15 December [1]
  • Workplace Parking Levy would be an excellent way for Nottingham to fund serious carbon cuts, FoE, September 24 [2]
  • High speed rail announcement: "incredibly exciting", Greenpeace, August 5 [3] "If this vision becomes reality, Britain will become a cleaner, quieter country, saving huge quantities of carbon and finally building a rail network to rival our European neighbours. By admitting that short-haul flights can be replaced by a fast and efficient rail system, Adonis has holed the case for Heathrow expansion below the water line." topic
  • Regional transport spending announcement: Government avoiding difficult decisions, Campaign for Better Transport, July 22 [6] "Many of these schemes are a terrible waste of money and cannot be delivered on time or on budget. Promising to spend £4 billion on road building just after announcing a carbon reduction strategy shows that this Government is still not taking its climate change commitments seriously."
  • Joint call for trams to be treated fairly, Campaign for Better Transport and the Passenger Transport Executive Group ask the Transport Minister to put trams on a level playing field with buses and road schemes, July 20 [7]
  • Regional wish-lists (transport spending priorities) did not represent people’s wishes, Campaign for Better Transport, July 14 [8] Local people complained about a lack of transparency and stakeholders complained about being left out of the process. Where stakeholders were consulted, their priorities were not always reflected in the final list of schemes; for instance, a meeting of stakeholders in the South West suggested spending 60% on improving sustainable transport, but the final package asked for 64% of money for road building. The regional wish-lists overwhelmingly prioritised unsustainable, high-carbon transport.
  • Vision of over a million people across England gaining access to the rail network strongly welcomed by CPRE, June 15 [9] "This report makes the case for linking more towns to the rail network; now the Government must get on with building these lines. Giving more people a real alternative to the car is vital if we’re going to meet our carbon reduction targets." say Campaign for Better Transport [10]
  • "M25 contract awarded: farcical waste of money," Campaign for Better Transport, May 20 [11]
  • Transport in the eco-towns: Government must think again, April 24 [12]
  • Budget reaction: Scrappage scheme subsidises gas-guzzlers, April 22 [13]
  • Proposed new Thames crossing would just generate more traffic, Campaign for Better Transport, April 20 [14] place, place
  • Network St Albans should be copied around the country, Campaign for Better Transport, April 20 [15] "We hope that it will set a model that can be applied in many other areas and give councils opportunities to improve public transport as a real alternative to car travel." place
  • Government support for electric cars welcome - but far more needed to build genuine green future, FoE, April 16 [16] "...electric cars are only as green as the electricity they run on - Ministers must take action to boost the UK's flagging renewable energy industry. Low carbon vehicles are certainly needed, but more extensive measures are needed to make the necessary cuts in transport emissions. Far more must be done to get people out of their cars by making public transport, cycling and walking more attractive options.
  • Government transport assessment reforms don't go far enough, CBT, April 6 [17] While public transport and cycling schemes should become easier to fund as a result of the reforms, there is still too much priority to tiny time savings for motorists and not enough on reducing carbon emissions and protecting landscapes.

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  • Network Rail propose high-speed rail to link Glasgow and Edinburgh with London, and to also serve Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, by 2030, August 26 [19] The proposed new High Speed 2 line will still need to be approved by the government, which is conducting its own rail network review.
  • Government to announce plans for the first big electrification of the rail network since the late 1980s, involving the London to Swansea and Liverpool to Manchester lines. July 23 [20] Work will start immediately and for Liverpool-Manchester will be completed within four years and for London-Swansea within eight years, although stages in between will be completed earlier. place, place
  • Roads programme - including those finished in the past 12 months, those under construction, and those in the planning stages - could be as much as £3.9 billion over budget, CBT, June 25 [21]
  • Opportunities for future rail connections serving a million people with 14 new lines and up to 40 new stations identified in new report by the Association of Train Operating Companies, June 15 [22]
  • Government announce strategy for low carbon transport, April 16 [25] Consumer incentives will be introduced in 2011 to coincide with the expected mass introduction of electric and plug in hybrid cars to the market. Consumers will be able to receive help from the Government worth in the region of £2000 - £5000 to allow for the maximum choice of which car they buy.
  • CPRE fear it will be ‘bulldozing as usual’ as the English regional bodies release their proposals to focus Government funding on ‘high-carbon’ road building, March 18 [27] The Climate Change Committee's draft Carbon budget (December 2008) stressed at page 106 ‘the importance of ensuring that investment over the next 12 years does not lock us into high-carbon capital assets which make achieving the 2050 target more difficult.’ CPRE say that motor traffic levels have increased by 40% in many areas over the last 15 years and that transport is the fastest growing source of domestic carbon emissions. CPRE have calculated the following percentages which relate to approximate proportions of spending on road-building. Yorkshire and the Humber 45%, West Midlands 50%, North West England 60%, East of England 60%, South West England 70%, North East England 75%, East Midlands 80%, South East England over 80%. Carbon figures are not yet available. "We need urgent investment in rail, bus, walking and cycle routes to give people in all areas real choices for low-carbon travel."
  • By comparison with some other European countries Britain’s railways are generally more expensive, especially in London and the South East, February 19 [28]
  • Government drops £5bn motorway widening plans, January 18 [29]

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