• Committee on Climate Change challenges Government to cut transport carbon emissions, Campaign for Better Transport , December 1 [1] topic, topic
  • Campaign for Better Transport deplores decision to abolish the western extension of London congestion charge zone, November 27 [2]
  • Campaign for Better Transport describes today’s Government announcement of £1billion for transport schemes as a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly, November 25 [3]
  • Manchester could be national leader on fast clean and efficient transport systems, says coalition of health, environmental and transport organisations, November 24 [4] topic, place
  • Pre-Budget Report takes us back to a future of road building, Campaign for Better Transport, November 24 [5]
  • No techno fix to tackling climate change from transport, Campaign for Better Transport, March 6 [8]

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  • Government plans in the Thames Gateway growth area outside of London set to see almost three-quarters of transport expenditure directed to roads, October 29 [9] Transport expenditure in the Thames Gateway areas outside London is heavily weighted towards roads. In the Thames Gateway area of Kent, 76% of expenditure on transport schemes is on roads projects. In the Essex areas of the Thames Gateway, the proportion is 68%. In the London Thames Gateway, only 21% of expenditure is on roads projects. (All figures derived from Thames Gateway 2007 Transport Summary, Department for Transport. The figures do not include Crossrail expenditure but Crossrail will not serve either the Kent or the Essex Thames Gateway areas.)
  • New amendment to transport bill could fill climate gap, October 14 [10] Last night, Labour MP Clive Betts (Sheffield Attercliffe) tabled an amendment to the Local Transport Bill which would give local authorities a new duty to produce transport policies that reduce carbon emissions. Campaign for Better Transport supports the MP in putting forward this amendment. As it currently stands, the bill doesn’t mention climate change. The group argues that the Climate Change Bill carbon reduction targets (a 26-32% cut by 2020 and a 60% cut by 2050) will not be met if carbon emissions are not tackled at a local level. The group is encouraging all MPs to support this amendment.
  • Taxpayers are subsidising lorries on Britain’s roads, new research shows, May 1 [13]
  • Ministers secretly approve £1 billion increase in roads costs, March 18 [14]
  • Plans for 'sustainable travel demonstration communities' across Scotland, March 17 [15]
  • Research shows Department for Transport’s appraisal framework favours projects that increase CO2 emissions, February 18 [16]

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