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  • Public transport days or weeks
  • Liftsharing
  • Car share clubs
  • Minibus schemes
  • Community street audits
  • Canal conservation
  • River Projects
  • fellowtravellers
  • Jitney Network - use of private citizen's vehicles as a public transit network
  • Green Miles [1]
  • Green travel festival, 2011 example from Love Camden / Camden
  • Part time season tickets, eg see


Why it matters (article needed)

Campaigns UK Edit

  • Save our Buses,, interactive map highlights the scale of the problem facing local buses. (February 2011)

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  • At the moment 65% of journeys across the country are made by car. Car and other private transport is most dominant in small urban areas and rural areas, comprising 68% and 77% of all trips respectively. This compares to 45% in London and 62% in the Metropolitan areas. Source: National Travel Survey 2006, Campaign to Protect Rural England, July 16, 2009

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Reduced dependence on cars Img13714 Portal - news / UK - Ireland - USA - China

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  1. Green Miles

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