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  • Around one and a half tonnes of packaging is thrown away every second in England alone and makes up over 40% of the waste disposed of by households. The amount of waste being produced is increasing by 3% a year and will cost more than £2.5billion to collect and dispose of this year (2006) alone. Source: The Local Government Association (LGA), July 2006
  • The UK (around 27million tonnes) sends about twice as much rubbish into landfill as France (around 13million tonnes), and more than twice the amount that Germany does (around 10million tonnes). Source: Local Government Association, January 2007. Figures for municipal waste in the European Union taken from 2003/4 statistics as they are the most recent comparable figures.

Wanted pages and external links

  • The Waste Book. Directory containing advice on recycling a very wide range of materials. It can show you how to recover, reuse, repair, or recycle what you thought was waste and turn it into something useful. Or it can introduce you to someone else who can do this for you. Designed mainly for commercial users, although individuals and voluntary organisations should find many items of interest, such as useful tips on household waste. Covers the South East of England, but also provides sources wherever possible to help other visitors.
  • 50+ top tips for cutting waste, from Friends of the Earth
  • Women's Environmental Network website includes a number of downloadable resources on Waste prevention, including guides on Give or Take days

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