• Recycling rate (England) up to 37.6 per cent in the last year from 34.5 per cent in 2007/8 - continued improvement from 11.2 per cent in 2000/2001 (household rubbish recycled by local authorities), 5 November [1] Waste sent to landfill down by 1.2 million tonnes. Highest household recycling/composting/reuse rate was 61.58 per cent in Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (last year) place
  • Leicester FoE welcomes new rubbish facility, April 14 [2] Local environmental group welcome new waste facility and renew their call to scrap plans for a big new incinerator as a ground-breaking ceremony takes place to officially start work on a new rubbish-sorting plant. place
  • Excessive packaging still costing shoppers, February 17 [3] Excessive food packaging used by supermarkets is undermining householders’ efforts to recycle more and is adding to council tax bills, say the Local Government Association. The LGA is calling on the government to make retailers responsible for funding the collection of packaging so they have a direct incentive to produce less.
  • New £5 million scheme to bring plastics recycling closer to home, January 21 [4] With most of the plastics collected in Scotland being processed south of the border or overseas in countries such as China, the capital grants scheme seeks to improve recycling infrastructure in Scotland.


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