• More handy help at home for older people, December 23 [1]
  • Progress on recycling targets by English local authorities, November 6 [2]
  • Scotland's push for 'zero waste', July 28 [3] place Among the ideas being considered are increased recycling facilities at sports grounds, shopping centres, beaches and cinemas.
  • Recycling bin pilot in Hyde Park over the next three months, June 2 [4] place
  • In the UK we are throwing away one third of the food we buy, April 7 2008 [5] Random facts


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  • New e-waste recycling laws begin, [7]July 1
  • Industry to tackle 2 million tonne electrical waste problem, WEEE Regulations come into effect on 1 July, [8] June 29
  • Research into cutting the carbon impacts of waste published. Defra, March 5 / Climate change UK news
  • UK retailers sign up to cut the environmental impact of carrier bags. Defra, February 28
  • Local Government Association launches War on Waste campaign. LGA, January 7


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