• Call for new product tax to increase recycling and stop waste at source, November 19
  • Waste 'tide' turns - municipal waste produced last year dropped by 3%. 10% reduction (1.9 million tonnes) in the amount of municipal waste sent to landfill. Defra, November 16
  • Households in England recycled 27% of their waste during 2005/06. Defra, October 12
  • Defra publishes report on 53 recycling incentive schemes. Defra, August 7
  • Fly-tipping by householders now costs local authorities as much to clean up as waste dumped by organised waste criminals. Defra, July 31
  • Government gives business a clear timetable for implementing the EC Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Key proposals to be introduced from July 1 2007. DTI, July 27
  • Record 82 million Christmas cards recycled, up 41% on last year’s figure of 58 million. Woodland Trust, March 27
  • Waste strategy (England) consultation opens, Defra, February 14 / Waste strategy a missed opportunity, say Friends of the Earth


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