Aber Recycling1

Recycling bins in Aberystwyth, Wales
Photo credit: Calum Hutchinson

Action Ideas Edit

  • Community Recycling schemes
  • Community Wood Recycling Projects
  • Nappy laundering service
  • Community compost schemes
  • Furniture recycling
  • Scrapstores
  • Second-hand clothing, etc. stores
  • Computer recycling
  • Community paper collections
  • Waste exchange schemes
  • Repair services
    • Promoting products that are actually repairable in the first place (and not engineered to be disposable). A wiki or magazine could provide info on the most repairable products.
  • Give or take days
  • Give or take stalls at Green fairs
  • Freegle, Freecycling and Better Use - see International Links
  • Community art from recycled materials
  • Community vegetable gardens
  • (England): Report excessive packaging to Trading Standards
  • Precycling, Waste minimisation W
  • Bring and Fix

Why it matters

(article needed)

Campaigns Edit

Petitions Edit

Consultations Edit

  • ‘Recycle on the Go’ consultation, ends November 2 2007. More information about the consultation, including the consultation paper, via Defra website [1]
  • Consultation on the Review of England's Waste Strategy, Launched, February 14 2006, deadline for comments is May 9 2006. More information via Defra website

Related Topics Edit

Wanted pages and external links

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  1. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, August 13

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