Regional recycling/composting rates
Source: DEFRA
Region 2004/05 2003/04 Improvement
England 22.9 18.2 4.7
Eastern 29.8 23.7 6.1
E Midlands 27 20 7
S West 26.3 22.2 4.2
S East 26 22.7 3.4
North West 20 14.8 5.2
W Midlands 21.1 16.5 4.6
Yorkshire and


18.9 14.8 4
London 17.7 13.8 3.9
North East 16.4 12.9 3.5

News UK Edit

  • Friday, December 15 2006 - Two-thirds of English local authorities met or exceeded their household recycling targets last year. Defra news release
  • Thursday, October 12 2006 - Households in England recycled 27% of their waste during 2005/06. Defra news release

2004/5 Edit

Defra published detailed recycling and composting rates for every local authority in the country during 2004/05 on January 23 2006.

East of England leads way Edit

Amongst the regions of England, the East of England leads the way, with residents in St Edmundsbury (50.6%), Forest Heath (48.6%) and South Cambridgeshire (46.8%) helping the region recycle and compost nearly 30% (29.8%) of its waste. The latest figure for England as a whole is 22.9% up 4.7% from the figure of 18.2% for the previous year. The East Midlands isthe most improved region, up 7% to 27%.

Further information about local authority recycling and composting rates is available via the Defra website

consultation on Waste Strategy Edit

The Government intends to publish an authoritative revised waste strategy for England in the autumn, setting out Government’s vision and strategic direction on waste for the next 20 years, as well as the policies and actions to deliver the revised strategy. A consultation document on the waste strategy review will be published in the next few weeks (early 2006).

More information on the strategy review is available via the Defra website

Comment Edit

Friends of the Earth wants to see new ambitious national recycling targets of at least 50 per cent by 2010 and 75 per cent by 2015. The environmental campaign group also wants assurances that expensive, inefficient and polluting incineration plants will not be promoted as part of the waste strategy, when recycling is a better for the environment and is a more cost effective way of dealing with waste.

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