The idea of this page is to provide an overview of resources recently added to the SCA wiki listings, especially to the Resources by topic listings within the Local Sustainability Ideas Bank. (Please note the heading dates are for when the Resource has been added to SCA wiki listings, NOT necessarily when the resource was created).

March 29 2007 Edit

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January 17 2006 Edit

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December 15 2006 Edit

  • Climate change UK - Warm Words: How are we telling the climate story and can we tell it better? by Gill Ereaut and Nat Segnit, August 2006. ippr
  • Resources - The Handy Guide to Planning - Urban Forum's guide written for community and voluntary organisations, and individuals, with limited experience of the planning process, June 2006

July 4 2006 Edit

February 28 2006 Edit

January 30 2006 Edit

November 28 2005 Edit

November 11 2005 Edit

October 25 2005 Edit

  • Environment quality - Encams, the charity which runs the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign, have a number of downloadable publications available via their website, including Litter - Organising a Cleanup (PDF download 1.42Mb) Guidelines for community groups who wish to conduct a clean up of their area.

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