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Diary UK April 2009 Edit

  • 27 - May 3 Real Nappy Week

Real Nappy Week in 2006 Edit

Real Nappy Week is to be celebrated with hundreds of events across the UK and abroad during the 10th anniversary Week from 24-30 April 2006.

From its birth around a mum’s kitchen table ten years ago, Real Nappy Week has become a firm fixture on the calendar and an international event with hundreds of activities across the UK, Ireland and as far afield as New Zealand and Mexico.

Support has grown year on year: from 157 organisations in 2001, to nearly 700 in 2005 - over 80% of all UK local authorities - and hundreds of other organisations, companies and MPs. Last year there were almost 500 events in 65 counties to raise awareness about the range of real nappies, laundry services and support available to parents.

In 2006 a record 905 supporters signed up to back Real Nappy Week, including over 90 percent of all UK local authorities and 155 MPs, MSPs, MEPs and Welsh AMs.

Health Edit

Disposable nappies are made of superabsorbent chemicals, paper pulp and plastics, while real nappies are mostly made of natural fabrics. Organic cotton and hemp nappies and organic wool waterproof covers are available at a reasonable cost.

Waste Edit

Cloth nappies save waste and with a sensible washing routine, parents can significantly reduce their environmental impact. With nearly eight million disposable nappies thrown away in the UK every day, local authorities recognise how real nappies help reduce household waste. Nearly three billion nappies are thrown away in the UK every year. Most (90%) end up in landfill. We do not know how long it takes for the plastics in disposable nappies to decompose but it could take hundreds of years.

Cost Edit

Home laundered nappies could save parents around £500 on the cost of keeping a baby in nappies. You can buy all the nappies and waterproof covers you need for your baby's nappy wearing life on the high street for under £50, about the cost of nine weeks’ of disposables.

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