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  • 48 per cent reduction in numbers of single issue carrier bags handed out in the UK, May 2006 to May 2009. [1] According to WRAP, some 5.6 billion single-use bags are still likely to be used during the current year (2009) [2]


  • Supermarkets pledge to cut carrier bags by 50 per cent (against 2006 levels) by spring 2009, December 18 [3] In 2006, around 13 billion bags were used by consumers in the UK.
  • WRAP reports 1 billion fewer carrier bags, down from 13.4 billion to 12.4 billion, February 28 [4]


  • London’s council leaders approve a Bill that will seek to ban the distribution of free, throw away shopping bags in the capital, November 13 [5] place

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