• Majesty, We Have Gone Mad, An open letter to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, George Monbiot, May 27 [1]
  • Transport expert says governments worldwide must recognise the dangers of oil depletion and plan for an electric transport future. January 31 [2]


  • "The most alarming finding is the steep decline of the oil supply after peak.Since crude oil is the most important energy carrier at a global scale and since all kinds of transport rely heavily on oil, the future oil availability is of paramount importance as it entails completely different actions by politics, business and individuals." Jörg Schindler from the Energy Watch Group. [3]
  • "The message by the IEA, namely that business as usual will also be possible in future, sends a diffusing signal to the markets and blocks investments in already available renewable energy technologies." Hans-Josef Fell MP of the German Parliament. (Until recently the International Energy Agency have denied that a fundamental change of energy supply is likely to happen in the near or medium term future.) [4]
  • "My experience of debating the peak oil issue with the oil industry, and trying to alert Whitehall to it, is that there is a culture of institutionalised denial in government and the energy industry. As the evidence of an early peak in production unfolds, this becomes increasingly impossible to understand", Jeremy Leggett, Solarcentury CEO and former member of the British Government’s Renewables Advisory Board. [5]

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  • Global oil supply will peak in 2020, says energy agency, December 15 [6]
  • Nottingham City Council unanimously passes Peak oil motion, December 9 [7] place
  • Spain cuts speed limit and introduces energy-saving measures in bid to reduce oil imports, July 30 [8] Spain has launched an ambitious plan to reduce energy consumption and save millions of euros on oil imports by cutting the speed limit to 50 mph and handing out millions of low-energy use light bulbs. place


  • "Peak oil could trigger meltdown of society," say Energy Watch Group (EWG), October 22 [9] According to EWG world oil production peaked in 2006 and production will start to decline at a rate of several percent per year. EWG say their analysis does not rely primarily on reserve data which in the past have frequently turned out to be unreliable, but rather is based primarily on production data which can be observed more easily and which are more reliable.

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