Limits of growth

Oil will decline shortly after 2015, says former oil expert of International Energy Agency, January 5 [1]



The great transition (beyond carbon), Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, October 8, 2010 [2] "The 21st century may well signify the end of industrial civilization as we know it — but it also points to the unprecedented opportunity to envision, and work toward, a far more equitable, sustainable and harmonious post-carbon civilization." topic


Peak oil: "It’s critically important that reserves have been overstated, and if you take this into account, we’re talking supply not meeting demand in 2014-2015.” Sir David King, the UK Government’s former chief scientist, March 22 [3]

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"Oil to peak in 2011 – official", April 5 [4]


  • Watchdog's estimates of oil reserves inflated says top official, 9 November [5]
  • UK Energy Research Centre say conventional oil production is likely to peak before 2030, with a significant risk of a peak before 2020. Their report concludes that the UK Government is not alone in being unprepared for such an event - despite oil supplying a third of the world’s energy, October 10 [6]
Limits of growth
Warning: Oil supplies are running out fast, 3 August [7] "Catastrophic shortfalls threaten economic recovery, says world's top energy economist."

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