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As a mycologist, Paul Stamets loves mushrooms. He cultivates mushrooms, he clones rare mushrooms and he honestly believes that "mushrooms will save the world." During his lecture he showed fascinating pictures of his work in the Northwest part of the United States, in old growth forests. Mushrooms are great soil makers, and Stamets research shows that mushrooms can absorb toxins and decompose associated with pollution. He has started a company called "Fungi Perfecti" that sells spores and medicinal mushrooms, to help both people and the environment. Protection of the environment should be of utmost concern to the people of the world, especially the government, and Paul Stamets is an inspiration to concerned environmentalists.

For more information on Paul Stamets, check out Erowid's site For more information on Paul's "Fungi Perfecti" check out

Paul Stamets was invited by the Mushroom ART, and assisted in the team's projects, providing valuable guidance and knowledge.

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