• Where is the empowerment when you only let me have a go once? by Ruth Jackson, Mar 21, 2012 [1]


Up2U Participatory Budgeting event, Ashton-under-Lyne

Six steps to meaningful budget consultation, Richard Wilson, 28 December [2]

The People’s Budget - an antidote to meaningless consultation, Toby Blume, 25 October [3] Post followed by challenging discussion.

A People's Budget: why not just do it? Julian Dobson, October 24 [4]

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RT @peoplesbudgetuk £20,000 of "Tamworth pounds'" to be decided by residents rather than politicians, November 23 [5]



Nine Pioneer Areas selected to take part in ‘Your Local Budget’ – a programme designed to give people a say in how mainstream local authority budgets are spent: Norfolk County Council, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Manton Community Alliance, in Nottinghamshire, Herefordshire Association of Local Councils, Dulverton Town Council, in Somerset, Sheffield City Council, Liverpool City Council, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, 24.11 [6] topic

Participatory budgeting is having a positive impact in the UK, Jun 17 [7]

Bristol City Council e-Participatory budgeting Pilot Goes Live, 29-03-2010 [8] place


  • Government announcement about participatory budgeting pilots and new 'asset transfer unit' to be led by the Development Trusts Association, September 16 [9]


  • Participatory budgeting pilots - areas where people are given a say in how their own 'community kitty' is spent - to be increased from 10 to 22, December 4 [10]

Participatory budgeting - Img13714 Portal - news / UK - news


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