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Greensmiley2 Social media: NatCAN, the National Community Activists' Network has a group for The People's Budget campaign (see below)

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Alan Thornton at Dudley People's Budget Workshop01:40

Alan Thornton at Dudley People's Budget Workshop

Manton's experiences of participatory budgeting03:50

Manton's experiences of participatory budgeting

Greensmiley2 Tip: click the four arrow symbol, bottom right of each embedded video (where available) to view video full screen.

Sophia Parker - Participatory Budgeting. Added: July 17, 2008. About 3 min.
Sophia Parker - Participatory Budgeting03:15

Sophia Parker - Participatory Budgeting

Up2U winners, Ashton-under-Lyne, March 2010

Campaigns UK Edit

  • The People's Budget, campaign to get a much greater say in how public budgets are spent locally

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Participatory budgeting - Img13714 Portal - news / UK - news


  1. Communities and Local Government, March 19

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