Brinkhill, Lincolnshire Wolds

Local engagement in the land of big sky and sausages, February 1, Justin Partridge [1] place


If place is a system, let’s make it an open source one, January 28, 2011 by Dave Briggs [2]



Nine signposts towards Our Society, December 9 [3]

RT @juliandobson <Don't we need something like Open involvement? #oursociety #BigSociety November 2

Our sustainable society, a response to Big Society and Our Society

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Warming the bones

UK among Europe's worst countries for ageism, 31.10.11 [4]

Million older people suffering social isolation and loneliness, 11 Oct [5]

Down by the River (Moscow) - Explored

16,000 people in more than 120 Russian cities participate in “Bloggers against Garbage” action, 11 August [6] Not without controversy though, as some say this is the "straightforward responsibility of municipal authorities". topic

Open street map central london.svg

First public property map published, 5 August [7]

Stockwell Mural

Lambeth launches cooperative council plans, January 28. The plans involve ‘community-led commissioning’, and a Lambeth Cooperative Incentive Scheme. "This will take the form of credits that people can use for discounts in local shops, for local leisure or sports facilities, or as a council-tax discount. To make sure the money is spent locally, any credits will be awarded in a new local electronic currency, building on the success of the Brixton Pound that already operates in the borough and is the UK’s only local currency in an urban area." [8] place

< Our Society


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