Reasons to choose organic Edit

  • Better for people and the environment. The absence of harmful chemicals is better for the future of our planet. Non-organic cotton farming uses one quarter of the world’s pesticides causing damage to the environment and causing illness and deaths among cotton workers. [1]
  • Avoid hazardous chemicals. Over 8000 chemicals can be used to turn cotton into a T shirt or duvet cover - the Soil Association (UK) standards ban the use of any chemicals that are hazardous to the environment or our health.
  • Labour rights. Organic cotton farmers in developing countries report higher incomes and better health. Non-organic cotton workers often live and work in poor conditions and are forced to work long hours for little reward.
  • Avoidance of GM. GM cotton is grown commercially in many countries so choosing organic cotton is the best way to avoid buying GM.

References Edit

  1. Soil Association, May 21

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