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Open local sustainability network - a social network for local sustainability?

Social networks proliferate.

Related to sustainability, Social network websites are already widely used across the Transition towns movement (Transition United States, Transition Europe, etc, as well as for individual localities), and for various aspects of localization, low carbon futures, etc. Project Dirt which links environmental projects, initially across south London, is another example.

Members of localsustuk may have experience of, for example IDeA's Communities of Practice or other sites such as Facebook.

There are a number of potential communities which might benefit from an Open local sustainability network or similarly named social network for local sustainability:

  1. Active citizens and community groups involved (via so called 'Panels') via the Sustainable Communities Act, (IDeA's CoP tend to have a local government focus). There would be benefit in local citizens groups being able to network both locally and across wider areas.
  2. Anyone interested in networking at the UK or regional level (There has been discussion about this in the past, for example on the SCA wiki)
  3. international projects (eg SCA wiki, Appropedia, etc) who may be interested in convening local meet-ups (eg within the UK)

Social networking sites can be particularly useful to encourage networking before, during and after face to face events, eg the recent BarcampUKGovweb09, and to help realize face to face events which might not otherwise take place.

Why 'open'? The idea would be to have something not tied in to, or overly shaped by a specific institution, organisation or sector.

An open local sustainability network / social network website for local sustainability should be fairly easy to set up, but would there be enough people to get something like this going? Would you be willing to join / take part?

If so, you can leave your name and email on a wiki page set up for this, or email me with OLSN in the title.

Alternatively if anyone knows of any initiatives already set up which would cater for these kinds of communities or networks I'd be delighted to hear about them.


Phil Green

Sustainable Community Action

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Interested Edit

leave your name and email (replace the @ with _at_ to deter spam)

Comment Edit

eg views on the name or any other aspect of the set up

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