Government puts publicly available data at the heart of its localism agenda, Michael Grimes, 14 December [1] topic, topic


"Tim Berners-Lee: We need to organise this information so we can compare one country with another on everything from what governments buy, to health information and statistics on climate change." 19 November [2]


"...beware the rise of the geekocracy. If the application developers and data mashers become the favoured voices, a host of citizens could be left behind, unable to contribute to a discourse in a language they don’t speak." Julian Dobson, September 30 [3] topic

  • Carbon dioxide emissions annual statistics for 2008 which detail the emissions attributable to homes, businesses and road transport in each local authority area throughout England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, released, 16 September [4] Local data on insulation also published for the first time. topic
  • CBI calls for state help on climate data, the information is not in a format accessible to non-specialists, 13 September [5]



  • Data alone is not sufficient for problem-solving, but an involved community informed with data just might be, John Tolva, July 2010 [6] topic


  • When Coal Flows Between Countries, Who ‘Owns’ the CO2? February 9 [7]


  • New London 'Datastore' to include carbon emissions dataset, 6 January [8]

Open CO2 Comment - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2008-09 / Open CO2


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