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One Nottingham (formerly One City Partnership Nottingham, relaunched early 2006) is the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) for the City of Nottingham.

(The following applied to the old structure and might be slightly inaccurate.)

The City is one of the areas receiving Neighbourhood Renewal funding from the Government, so it's the LSP's job to oversee allocation of this and it has to meet certain "floor targets". These cover health, housing, education, crime and employment.

Nottingham is a place with a significant gap between haves and have-nots: although the centre is a prosperous shopping area, there are also localities with serious deprivation. Therefore focused action is really needed on the above issues, and the extra funding is helpful. However, it makes it harder for the LSP to look holistically at a broad range of issues across the entire area, which LSPs without NRF are freer to do.

OCPN is steered by a Board made up of representatives of important public bodies (like the Council and Police) and the voluntary sector. To ensure a good voluntary sector feed-in Nottingham Community Network was set up. It brings representatives of voluntary organisations together to discuss issues and processes, and elects and supports the voluntary reps to OCPN.

From September 2004 One City Partnership Nottingham underwent a review of its structures, priorities and the ways in which partners work together, following internal and external dissatisfaction with progress. The Board and working groups were suspended for the duration of this.

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