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Nottingham City Council is a local government unitary authority in Nottinghamshire. It consists of 55 councillors, representing a total of 20 wards. The current Leader is Jon Collins, of the majority Labour Party.

Political controlEdit

Elections are usually held to the whole council every four years.

Year Labour Liberal Democrats Conservative
2003 36 11 8
2000 40 4 1


Ward Councillors
Arboretum 2
Aspley 3
Basford 3
Berridge 3
Bestwood 3
Bilborough 3
Bridge 2
Bulwell 3
Bulwell Forest 3
Clifton North 3
Clifton South 3
Dales 3
Dunkirk and Lenton 2
Leen Valley 2
Mapperley 3
Radford and Park
Sherwood 3
St Ann's 3
Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey 2
Wollaton West 3

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