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September 2006 Edit

  • As Natural England, the new official watchdog for landscape and wildlife comes into being, CPRE concerned "there is a real risk it will be too poor and too weak to make a difference." CPRE, September 29 / Comment
  • Potential of street markets being overlooked and undervalued, according to new research. Chances to progress key Government agendas on social cohesion and sustainable communities are being lost by neglecting the role of street markets according to two new studies from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. JRF, September 11 / Urban & village design
  • 23 year low in new cases of homelessness. DCLG, September 11 / Social inclusion
  • England-wide initiative will show impacts of climate change on people and places locally. Transport 2000, September 11 / Sustainability networks
800px-Cyclone Catarina from the ISS on March 26 2004

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