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"Participation is ranked 3rd (out of 97) and is well supported across all organisational types. Given the prominence of this concept, turning it into meaningful initiatives and outcomes in the Rio process will be vital." Rio+20: Analysis of Zero Draft Submissions, January 2012 [1]

Henderson Waves, Singapore

The Greening of Singapore, 14 January [2]

Cheser Zoo, England

Jane Goodall Institute: Saving Trees and Chimpanzees While Improving Health, 1/11/12 [3] topic


Rio 2012 - Zero draft of the outcome document published, January 2012 [4]

Sunset at the rowing pond

World cities say: 'Hear us!', New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg champions a major role for cities at Rio+20, Jan. 03 [5]

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  • Royal Society launches climate geoengineering study, October 30 [1] "Our study aims to separate the science from the science fiction and offer recommendations on which options deserve serious consideration." Professor John Shepherd. Planetary engineering W
  • Leading businesses issue five year peak oil wake up call, October 29 [2] Eight leading UK companies have launched a report, The Oil Crunch: Securing the UK’s energy future, warning that a peak in cheap, easily available oil production is likely to hit by 2013, posing a grave risk to the UK and world economy. The warning comes from a broad spectrum of industry (Arup, FirstGroup, Foster + Partners, Scottish and Southern Energy, Solarcentury, Stagecoach Group, Virgin Group, Yahoo). The report from the newly-formed UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security is the first multi-company alarm bell to be sounded on peak oil. It sets out a series of practical recommendations for Government, including action to grasp the significant economic and environmental opportunities from a step-change in investment in renewable energy and sustainable transport.
  • Government plans in the Thames Gateway growth area outside of London set to see almost three-quarters of transport expenditure directed to roads, October 29 [3] topic
  • Climate laws to include planes, October 28 [4] topic
  • Child poverty costing the UK billions, October 23 [5] "... large amounts are being spent on paying for the fallout from child poverty. This could be more productively employed in preventing it from occurring in the first place." JRF poverty adviser Donald Hirsch topic
  • New initiatives to put Britain at the forefront of a green motoring revolution, October 27 [6] topic
  • UK is world leader in offshore wind. The UK has overtaken Denmark to become the world's number one for wind farms built offshore, with 597MW fully constructed, October 21 [8] topic
  • Six “Zero Waste Places” named across England, October 21 [9] topic
  • "Official ruling - Brown's pollsters fixed second public consultation on nuclear power", Greenpeace, Ocotber 17 [10] topic, topic
  • Government increases climate emissions target to 80 per cent - as Miliband backs financial incentives for small-scale renewable energy, October 16 [11] topic, topic
  • Communities Secretary Hazel Blears invites ideas to improve local communities, October 14 [13] As part of the Sustainable Communities Act, the Secretary of State has invited local authorities, in discussion with the people they represent, to send in proposals on what central government can do to help improve the economic, social or environmental well-being of their local areas. forum
  • New amendment to transport bill could fill climate gap, October 14 [14] Last night, Labour MP Clive Betts (Sheffield Attercliffe) tabled an amendment to the Local Transport Bill which would give local authorities a new duty to produce transport policies that reduce carbon emissions. Campaign for Better Transport supports the MP in putting forward this amendment. As it currently stands, the bill doesn’t mention climate change. The group argues that the Climate Change Bill carbon reduction targets (a 26-32% cut by 2020 and a 60% cut by 2050) will not be met if carbon emissions are not tackled at a local level. The group is encouraging all MPs to support this amendment. topic
  • Unprecedented alliance forms against Planning Bill licence to pollute, October 14 [15] An unprecedented alliance of professionals, environmental organisations and council leaders is calling for the removal of Clause 151 of the Government’s controversial Planning Bill, currently being debated in the House of Lords. Despite some concessions by the Government, the alliance fears that the clause could still severely restrict people’s right to complain about noise, pollution or disruption caused by the operation of major infrastructure projects. topic
St. Michael's Mount Ferry, Cornwall
  • All of the businesses surveyed for a Campaign for Better Transport alternatives to aviation report said that teleconferencing can reduce the need to travel, October 10. [18] This shift highlights the necessity for Government to rethink the supposed need for airport expansion. This need could be reduced still further if the Government worked closely with businesses to increase the take-up of teleconferencing technology. topic, topic
  • British Waterways to explore opportunities for wind turbines and small-scale hydro power schemes at canal and riverside locations across the UK., October 8 [21] topic
  • River water quality improves for 18th consecutive year, October 6 [22] Figures from the Environment Agency’s annual General Quality Assessment (GQA) show that 76 per cent of English rivers, and 95 per cent of those in Wales, achieved ‘very good’ or ‘good’ status in terms of chemical water quality in 2007, up from 55 and 86 per cent respectively in 1990. topic
  • New Department of Energy and Climate Change announced, bringing together "...much of Defra’s existing climate change responsibilities with the energy component from BERR, to focus on solving the challenges of climate change and energy supply." October 3 [23]

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