Vertical axis wind turbine

Government launches community energy website, intended as a "a one stop shop for communities interested in generating energy on a community scale." “Community energy is a perfect expression of the transformative power of the Big Society." Climate Change Minister Greg Barker, 25 November [1] In a speech to the Combined Heat and Power Association, Greg Barker described communities installing their own low carbon energy, like combined heat and power plants, wind and water turbines or district heating networks, as epitomising the vision of the Big Society. topic


Public enthusiastic to join the 'Big Society', but put off by time constraints and red tape, 24 November [2]


Nine Pioneer Areas selected to take part in ‘Your Local Budget’ – a programme designed to give people a say in how mainstream local authority budgets are spent: Norfolk County Council, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Manton Community Alliance, in Nottinghamshire, Herefordshire Association of Local Councils, Dulverton Town Council, in Somerset, Sheffield City Council, Liverpool City Council, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, 24.11 [3] topic, topic


115 companies have now committed to pay the London Living Wage of £7.85 an hour. 16 November [4] topic


Record number of beaches and inland bathing waters in England and Wales reached the highest EC standards in bathing water quality this year: 86.2% compared to only 32% in 1990, 15 November 2010[5] topic


Happiness index to gauge Britain's national mood, 14 November [6] topic

  • Business Plans for government departments that set out the work of the Government for the next four years published, 8 November [7] topic, topic

Electric car for rent

Mayor’s electric vehicle charging network, Source London, to go live spring 2011. 6 November [8]

Window trims

Government announces 'The Green Deal', a "green homes revolution" making energy efficiency available to all. "The work to upgrade the property will be paid back from the saving on energy bills." The Green Deal is expected to be available from Autumn 2012. 2 November [9] It is estimated that there are 14 million insulation measures like loft, cavity and solid wall to be carried out in Britain’s homes. Were all 26 million households to take up the Green Deal over the next 20 years, employment in the sector would rise from its current level of 27,000 to something approaching 250,000. topic

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