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  • Government to consult on proposals to make data from Ordnance Survey freely available so it can be used for digital innovation and to support democratic accountability, 17 November [2] Data relating to electoral and local authority boundaries as well as postcode areas would be released for free re-use, including commercially. Mid-scale digital mapping information would also be released in the same way. The Government will be running a public consultation on the proposals from December and any change would be implemented from April 2010. The highest-specification Ordnance Survey products and services - such as those used by property developers or the utility companies - would be charged for on a cost-reflective basis. topic
  • Government announces consultation "Removing red tape in move towards a low-carbon future", 17 November [3] topic
  • 98.3 per cent of England’s bathing waters met the EC’s minimum water quality standards in 2009, up from 96% in 2008, 17 November [4] topic
  • 60,000 people from across the world now co-own the land purchased by Greenpeace on the third runway site at Heathrow, 13 November [5] topic
  • Recycling rate (England) up to 37.6 per cent in the last year from 34.5 per cent in 2007/8 - continued improvement from 11.2 per cent in 2000/2001 (household rubbish recycled by local authorities), 5 November [6] Waste sent to landfill down by 1.2 million tonnes. Highest household recycling/composting/reuse rate was 61.58 per cent in Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (last year) topic, place

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