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November 2006 Edit

Sea defences South Coast1
  • Respect environmental limits say East of England plan petitioners. CPRE, November 22
  • Thames Gateway Interim Plan published. "The Government's ambition is for the Gateway to be a low and then zero-carbon development, with no net emissions from new development... The Thames Gateway Parklands will provide green spaces throughout the area." Documents published today include a 'Low Carbon Gateway Feasibility Study'. DCLG, November 22
Aber Recycling1

Recycling bins in Aberystwyth, Wales
Photo credit: Calum Hutchinson

  • Call for new product tax to increase recycling and stop waste at source. 'A Zero Waste UK' published by the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) and Green Alliance, recommends that a new tax targets products such as throw-away cameras, disposable razors and non-rechargeable batteries. Sweden, Denmark and Belgium have all reduced consumption of disposable products by imposing similar taxes. In 1996 Belgium introduced a £5 on disposable cameras that were not recycled or reused - as a result, 80 per cent of all disposable cameras are now recycled or reused. November 19 / Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle
  • Waste 'tide' turns - municipal waste produced last year dropped by 3%. 10% reduction (1.9 million tonnes) in the amount of municipal waste sent to landfill. Defra, November 16 / Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle
  • Commerce and public sector asked to contribute to reducing emissions - Defra launch consultation. The consultation focuses on large non-energy-intensive organisations that use more than 3000 MWh a year of electricity. This sector comprises around 5000 organisations, including supermarkets, hotel chains, rail operators, large offices, universities, central government departments and large local authorities, and emits about 15 million tonnes of carbon per year. Defra, November 8 / Climate change UK
  • Cameron Backs Sustainable Communities Bill. 20,000 individuals, 1,000 local councils, 300 local organisations and 80 national organisations have signed up to support the campaign. The campaign has cross party support. 359 MPs (as at 31/10/2006) have signed Parliamentary Early Day Motion No. 641 supporting the Bill. Local works, November 3 / Local needs met locally

Photo credit: Tomi

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