Meadowhall Rally 2008

Sheffield Renewables celebrates gaining planning permission for Jordan Dam hydro power scheme near Meadowhall. May 24 [1] topic, place

Limits of growth

Government to work with business on plans to tackle peak oil threat, May 23 [2] Commitment by the Government to work with the private sector on contingency plans to protect the UK and its economy from the growing risk of rising oil prices follows a meeting between Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and representatives from the UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security (ITPOES). During the meeting, the Secretary of State agreed that the Department for Energy and Climate Change and ITPOES should work more closely together on peak-oil threat assessment and contingency planning. The collaboration should begin with a joint examination of concerns that global oil supply will begin to fall behind global demand within as little as five years – far earlier than previous widely-held assumptions.

Thames sunset

UK proposes Fourth Carbon Budget, Emissions to be cut by 50% from 1990 levels by 2025, 17 May [3] The proposal is in line with advice from the independent Committee on Climate Change. topic

Shanty town, Leyton

Allotments: neighbourhood planning powers currently being trailed across the country will provide communities with a means to boost the number of sites with powers to protect existing allotments and identify new plots, say government, 7 May [4] In addition requirements for councils to provide allotments will be safeguarded as part of a wider review into reducing statutory burdens on local authorities. topic

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