Cormorants off Ramsey Island

Project to generate tidal energy in Ramsey Sound off Pembrokeshire given the go ahead. Tidal Energy Limited’s 1.2MW ‘Deltastream’ device will provide green electricity to the local distribution network during its 12 month test period, with the potential to power up to 1,000 homes. 31 March [1] topic, place


2010, UK net emissions of carbon dioxide provisionally estimated to be 491.7 million tonnes (Mt). This is 3.8 per cent higher than the 2009 figure of 473.7 Mt. 31 March. “Climate-changing pollution should be falling, not going up – so what these figures show is that the UK is moving in the wrong direction. Politicians can’t blame it on the beginnings of the economic recovery because whilst the economy has grown slowly, carbon emissions have grown faster." Dr. Doug Parr, chief scientist for Greenpeace [2] "Three-quarters of the public want the government to prioritise investments into energy saving and renewable power - it's time to end the UK's dirty and dangerous addiction to old energy and invest in a brighter, cleaner future." Andy Atkins, Friends of the Earth [3] topic

Smart Meter

Government expects mass rollout of smart meters to start in early 2014 and to be completed in 2019. 30 March [4] topic


Britain falls from third to 13th place in league table of countries investing in alternative energy and clean technology, 29 March [5] topic

Come Hell or High Water 1

Agreement reached setting out how local and central government will work together to tackle climate change. "LG Group agrees to take on a leadership role in encouraging all councils to demonstrate their ambition on climate change through a New Nottingham Declaration and other appropriate agreements or declarations." 16 Mar [6] topic, topic

-25- Notts Strikers

Interim report recommends a pay ratio in the public sector of 1:20, meaning a maximum salary of £246,000 for organisations that have staff on the minimum wage. But almost two thirds of the public (61 per cent) think the limit should be 1:10 or lower. 15 March [7] topic

VF Outlets

Reading bike-hire plan approved, 14 March [8] topic, place

Marylebone Road Rush Hour

UK given three months to tackle air polluton - or face prosecuton, 11 March [9] topic, place


World's first Renewable Heat Incentive launched to reduce emissions, 10 March 2011 [10] topic

Minivan (human-powered, Copenhagen-style)

Carbon Plan published in draft with the Government inviting the public and organisations to give their views on the contents. A final version will be published in the Autumn and then updated annually. 08 March [11] topic

The People's supermarket

Calls for Camden Council to support The People's Supermarket, 3 March [12] topic, place

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