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  • Government gives business a clear timetable for implementing the EC Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Key proposals to be introduced from July 1 2007. DTI / Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle

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  • Record number of top quality parks and green spaces announced. DCLG / Open spaces

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  • Government to look "more radically" at personal carbon allowances to combat rising domestic emissions. The government is also looking at "Carbon loyalty cards, league tables, the use of carbon offsets at point of purchase for certain sectors, awareness raising through labelling and carbon calculators." The study announced today will report back to Ministers in the first half of 2007. Defra. In response to the announcement Friends of the Earth say: "Individual carbon trading is one of a number of options that could play a role in combating climate change. But any such scheme is many years away. There are lots of measures that should be taken now to reduce UK carbon dioxide emissions, including phasing out energy-inefficient products. Most importantly the Government should act on the growing calls for new legislation to make successive administrations responsible for annual cuts in emissions. A climate change law - part of The Big Ask climate campaign - already has the backing of most MPs and three quarters of the public. If the Government is serious about climate change it must ensure that a new climate law is in the Queen's Speech this autumn." FoE
  • CPRE concerned by latest State of the Countryside Report. Commenting on the Commission for Rural Communities' 2006 State of the Countryside Report, CPRE Chief Executive Shaun Spiers said: "This important report exposes some very worrying social, economic and environmental trends for the future of our countryside.
    If huge numbers of people continue to flow out of our larger towns and cities in pursuit of the rural idyll, the countryside will become less and less idyllic and more and more suburban - whilst our cities are further damaged by desertion. The challenge is to revive urban living everywhere, and to develop low-impact, sustainable ways in which everyone can enjoy our fantastic countryside without loving it to death. It is arguably England's greatest asset but in this crowded, fast-changing country it is gradually being lost." CPRE / Rural issues

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  • Critics condemn government "fixation" with nuclear power.
    • "There is an enormous radioactive cloud hanging over this energy review which threatens to drown any positive moves on decentralised energy, renewables and energy efficiency." Greenpeace
    • UK fails to go for low carbon future FoE
    • Green Paper gives amber light to renewables, BWEA cautious about whether 'cocktail of measures' can deliver the goods on time.
    • Energy Review planning proposals could ignite public opposition, CPRE
    • UK Energy policy shapes up to new Global Energy landscape, DTI / Sustainable energy, Spatial planning
  • Local councils must look more to what their communities want, Ruth Kelly. Ahead of the Local Government White Paper, to be published in the Autumn, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Ruth Kelly sets out her agenda for neighbourhood empowerment. DCLG / Community involvement

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  • Defra warns of continuing summer smog. Defra / Environment quality
  • Bypass schemes - damage done and lessons unlearnt, says research, commissioned by CPRE and the Countryside Agency, into the effects of three controversial major schemes. CPRE / Reduced dependence on cars

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