Thames sunset

Government announces "local powers to boost community-led regeneration", 31 January [1]

Stockwell Mural

Lambeth launches cooperative council plans, January 28. The plans involve ‘community-led commissioning’, and a Lambeth Cooperative Incentive Scheme. "This will take the form of credits that people can use for discounts in local shops, for local leisure or sports facilities, or as a council-tax discount. To make sure the money is spent locally, any credits will be awarded in a new local electronic currency, building on the success of the Brixton Pound that already operates in the borough and is the UK’s only local currency in an urban area." [2] topic, place

Vertical axis wind turbine

Sustainable Communities Act - 1st round ends and 2nd round starts, 28 January [3]

Thanet wind farm1

UK working with nine other European countries as part of the North Seas Offshore Grid Initiative, following an agreement signed in December 2010. These countries include the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Norway and Belgium. 20 January [4] topic


Fuel rationing will be needed before 2020 according to a report by the Lean Economy Connection, commissioned by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil, 18 January 2011 [5]

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