Camden Town 24 march 2006

Camden Cabinet agree a VCS investment package that cuts the red tape and puts the focus on achievements instead of bureaucracy. 24-Feb-2011 [1] topic, place


Eric Pickles: Citizen journalists and bloggers should be let in to public council meetings, 23 February [2] topic


Action for Market Towns to help test new loyalty card for High Street shoppers, 22 February [3] topic

Co-op, Northenden Road, Sale.

The Co-operative announces "the most radical sustainability programme in UK corporate history" that will " build a more sustainable economy." February 18 [4] topic

In the last two years, the number of people classified as economically inactive, has gone up by 300,000 to reach 9.4 million. 16 February [5] topic


Government expects Councils to reveal voluntary sector funding, 4 February [6] The government argues that making the data public can help highlight inefficiency and open new markets for local small businesses and voluntary groups by revealing how services are currently delivered so they can assess whether they could submit a credible bid to run them differently and deliver greater value for money. topic

MetroTransit at Living Green Expo 2007

'Save buses' campaign launched to fight council cuts, 3 February [7] topic


Digital platform and printed materials to be ready by the summer and by September a new nationwide mutual called ‘Your Square Mile’ to launch, which every UK citizen will be able to join. 2 Feb 2011 [8] topic

A place

Communities to be given a right to reclaim land, 2 February. By the summer, a new one-stop shop will provide citizens with information about empty land and buildings they can develop to improve their local area. [9] topic

Flock of five Mew Gulls at sunset, shown in silhouette on the golden wet sand

Wetland scheme is wildlife success, 2nd February [10] topic

Down this road ...

Street-level crime maps launched online,, 1 February [11] topic

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