Electric car for rent

London secures £17 million funding for UK’s largest electric vehicle charge point network, 25 February [1] This will deliver a network of around 7,500 charging points by spring 2013 with 1,600 charge points to be installed over the next twelve months. At present there are over 250 charging points in London.


Local websites tackling councils and the multinationals, 25 February [3] topic

  • Court proceedings challenging Government’s decision to give the go ahead to a third runway at Heathrow, 23 February [4] Coalition of thirteen organisations backing the legal challenge, made up of local councils, green groups and residents’ groups. “It’s been clear from the start, that there has been huge opposition to this runway. Nearly 90% of the people who responded to the consultation opposed the expansion of Heathrow." John Sauven, Greenpeace topic
  • Tory plan to "give local people a real say in how to shape their area, February 23 [5] topic, topic


Citizens demand more opportunity to tackle social challenges, 23/02/2010. Eight out of ten people believe the government should allow communities to come up with their own solutions to difficult social challenges such as climate change, youth crime and obesity. New report from NESTA outlines radical framework for implementing localism. [6]

  • Digital Citizens want to engage with politicians - Passive democracy is not enough, Feb 10 [7]
  • 70% of respondents agree that the internet makes it easier for them to participate in civic and political activities
  • 49% agree that they would generally prefer to use the internet to participate in civic and political activities topic, topic

Tree planting

Over 300 locals turn up and plant over 7,000 trees between them at a community planting day on Saturday January 30th. The Heartwood Forest site has now been filled with around 40,000 trees in just two months, all planted by willing volunteers, with a further 600,000 to go in the ground in the next ten years. [9] topic, place

  • Emissions drop due to recession, not government, say experts, 1 February [10] topic
  • Consultation on proposed renewable heat incentive financial support scheme opens, 1 February 2010, will run for 12 weeks [11] topic
  • Private Members Bill, which the Government says it backs, aims to strengthen the scrutiny powers of local authorities over all significant local public service spending in their areas. 1 February [12] topic

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