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The Scallop, Aldeburgh1

The Scallop sculpture by Maggi Hambling, Aldeburgh, Suffolk.
Photo credit: Mel Etitis

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Defra, Countryside Agency, more information is available via the ‘Coasts’ section on / Open spaces

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Wun ootw2

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  • Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) invites expressions of interest in delivery of England-wide community support programme on sutainable development from voluntary sector organisations. Even if you don't see yourself as part of the primary audience for the downloadable document (downloadable via the website above) it may provide useful insight into the thinking behind this government programme to anyone interested from a wider perspective. / CA2020 Development Workshop November 24 2005, Report

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Panthera tigris tigris1

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  • UK and Indian governments agree urgent action to save tigers from extinction, Defra / Biodiversity

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Thames sunset

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