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  • Government to publish "Civic Health" report from next year. The report will "collate in one place a wealth of national, regional and local data" so that active citizens and community groups will be able to see how their area compares to others on issues such as feelings of empowerment, levels of volunteering, and perceptions of community cohesion. 21 December [2] topic
  • Oneplace website launched. The site is intended to "enable citizens to check for themselves how well councils and their partners are delivering the services that matter most to them." 9 December [4] topic
  • Local government to be encouraged to release local public data and establish an open-platform Local Data Exchange. 7 December [5] topic
  • All homes will have smart meters from their supplier by end of 2020, 02 December [7] topic
  • For the first time councils will be expected to respond to petitions and tell residents what action is going to be taken to address their concerns, 2 December [8] A survey by the LGA found that only 28 per cent of councils guarantee an automatic response to petitions. topic

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