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  • More handy help at home for older people, December 23 [1] topic
  • Supermarkets pledge to cut carrier bags by 50 per cent (against 2006 levels) by spring 2009, December 18 [2] In 2006, around 13 billion bags were used by consumers in the UK. topic
  • Government announces review of councils' publicity rules, December 17 [3] According to CLG, Communities Secretary "Hazel Blears believes that information is fundamental to the health of local democracy, so that citizens are aware of how decisions are made at the local level, who is making them and, crucially, how they can influence those decisions." topic
  • Manchester rejects green transport revolution, December 12 [4] "But Manchester's loss could be another's gain. Government cash is still up for grabs and local authorities across the country now have the chance to bid for their own low-carbon transport systems." Tony Bosworth, FoE topic
  • Prime Minister calls for more investment in technology and eco-friendly industries, December 8 [6] “We have looked at how, just as many years ago investment in road and rail and infrastructure was a powerful stimulus to the economies then, so too in this new age we can invest in the digital infrastructure for the future.” topic
  • Marine and Coastal Access Bill published, December 5 [7] The Bill includes a new network of marine conservation zones and a new right of access for people to walk round the English coast for the first time. topic, topic, topic
  • World's second largest offshore wind farm given green light to be built off the coast of North Wales, December 3 [8] topic, place

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