Tree of life

Ancient tree Hunt reaches 100,000 tree target, 31 Aug [1] topic

Footbridge and Weir

36 areas announced as the next wave of 'front-runners' to test out neighbourhood planning, bringing the total to 126 across the country, 31 August [2]

River Wandle

Back from the brink – Environment Agency reveals the most improved rivers, 30-Aug [3] topic

St Mary Redcliffe and Redcliffe Parade from dockside

Government promoting more powers for communities to "choose boats on water alongside bricks and mortar", 27 August [4] topic

Japan Apocalypse IMG 7345

Greenpeace takes government to court over nuclear power expansion, 26 August. [5] Greenpeace UK has today served legal papers on the government for unlawfully failing to take into account the implications of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in their future planning for the building of new nuclear power stations at sites in Britain. topic

The People's supermarket

The People's Supermarket to open store number two in Hackney, 18 August [6] topic, place

Corn Field in Minnesota

Go-ahead given for two new biomass stations in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, which combined will produce enough electricity to meet the needs of over a million homes. 10 August [7] topic, place

Open street map central london.svg

First public property map published, 5 August [8] topic

Hidden Light Box

Local insulation rates published, 4 August [9] topic The top five performing local authorities under the CERT scheme over the past three years, in terms of percentage of housing stock insulated, are Kirklees (24.8%); Isle of Anglesey (22.5%); Carmarthenshire (19.2%); South Ribble (19%); Wyre (18.2%). The five local authorities that have seen the lowest percentage of the housing stock insulated over the past three years through CERT are City of London (<0.1%); Westminster (0.3%); Kensington and Chelsea (0.8%); Hackney (1.3%); Hammersmith and Fulham (1.6%). Figures released on 17 June 2011 showed that nearly half of Britain’s homes do not have adequate basic insulation. The figures showed that only 57% of Britain’s lofts had been properly insulated and only 58% of cavity walls had been filled.


More green space at Stratford’s Olympic Park, August 2 [10] topic, place

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