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  • Friends fo the Earth launch "Shop Local First" campaign to promote the benefits of small shops. Campaigners around the country will work with local shopkeepers to develop local shopping promotions, such a loyalty cards, discounts, posters and local shop directories. FoE / Local needs met locally

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  • Women want renewable energy, WEN tells Government. Reduce demand, invest in renewable sources and involve women more in decisions about energy policy, Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) has told the Government’s review of energy policy. Future energy needs in the UK can be met without new nuclear power stations, WEN also says. / Sustainable energy

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  • Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) publishes 'Keeping the lights on: nuclear, renewables, and climate change'. Commenting at the launch, Tim Yeo MP, the Chairman of the Committee: "The reality is that many more gas-fired power stations will be needed by 2016 to keep the lights on - whether we like it or not. The real issue is whether the current liberalised market and policy framework will promote sufficient investment in lower-carbon electricity generation to come on stream after 2016 to maintain a downward path in carbon emissions." EAC / Climate change, Sustainable energy

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