• South Downs National Park confirmed, 12 November [1]
  • Farm Energy Project, Winchester: helping local farmers install renewable energy technologies on-farm.
  • Oxfordshire Eco-Renovation, Oxford: project which aims to make eco-renovations accessible to householders.
  • The CLEAR Centre, Hamstreet, Kent: funding will establish a community resource centre at the local school.
  • South East Plan published, May 6 [3]
  • Green light for South Downs National Park, March 31 [4] The Park includes the hotly contested Western Weald, Ditchling and Lewes.
  • Surrey County Council is considering a planning application from an oil company which is seeking permission to search for oil and set up a testing programme just outside Coldharbour, Dorking in Surrey, March 30 [5] The Woodland Trust is concerned that the application will lead to the destruction of nearly a hectare of ancient woodland, the richest habitat for species in the UK, and the surrounding environment. topic

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