• Intense debate expected during 4 month public examination of the South East Plan. CPRE, November 23
  • Almost 90 per cent of heathland consumed in fire - Catastrophic rare species losses on top heathland site in stockbroker belt English Nature, July 15 / Biodiversity
  • Make South East England housing developments 'water neutral', say Friends of the Earth, June 22 / Saving water
  • South East England Regional Assembly slams 'fantasy homes game', June 20
  • Water meeting supports Environment Agency's assessment that drought prospects are worse than for 30 years in the South East, June 1
  • Rethink South East housing plans urges Friends of the Earth, May 24. Plans to build 578,000 new homes in the region over the next 20 years go will put even more pressure on the region's diminishing water resources.
  • Environmental Audit Committee slams ODPM’s approach to new housing, March 30
  • CPRE asks: growth at what price in the South East?, March 29

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