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  • Scotland will be at the forefront of global action on climate change, according to Finance Secretary John Swinney who has set out the key components of the Scottish Climate Change Bill, October 27 [2] Mr Swinney said that by including international aviation and shipping, emissions from all six greenhouse gases, and annual targets, Scotland will have the most ambitious Bill to tackle climate change anywhere in the world. topic
  • Unused public land could soon be made available to meet increased demand for allotments, October 16 [3] topic
  • Isla and the Pentland Firth identified as the first sites for commercial tidal farms, September 29 [4] topic
  • Scotland's push for 'zero waste', July 28 [6] topic, Among the ideas being considered are increased recycling facilities at sports grounds, shopping centres, beaches and cinemas.
  • The European beaver will be reintroduced to Scotland for the first time in more than 400 years. Up to four beaver families to be released in Knapdale, Argyll, on a trial basis in spring 2009. May 25 [8] topic
  • Wind farm at Barvas Moor in Lewis refused consent on the grounds of incompatibility with European law, April 21 [9] topic
  • Plans for 'sustainable travel demonstration communities' across Scotland, March 17 [10] topic

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