• Don't abandon EU climate agenda, says Gordon Brown, October 15 [1] topic
  • Proposed EU laws on climate and energy set the bar too low, South East England MEP, January 23 [3] "By setting the bar lower from the outset, the EU is negatively prejudging the outcome of international climate negotiations and sending the wrong signal to the rest of world." topic

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  • European parliament votes to crack down on gas guzzlers, September 25 [4] The European Commission last year put forward a proposal to cut emissions from passenger vehicles to 130g CO2/km by 2012. The current EU average is 158g CO2/km. The environment committee effectively backed up that proposal in a vote today, and also approved a non-binding target of "no more than" 95g CO2/km for 2020, subject to a review in 2014. The final text will now be negotiated between the Parliament, EU environment ministers and the European Commission. topic
  • EU 'committed' to stiff CO2 cuts, March 21 [7]
  • European civil society bodies welcome the EU Reform Treaty as an important step in bringing the EU closer to civil society and citizens. January 16 [9] topic
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