Bolivian Altiplano

Bolivia’s Law for Mother Earth could spark a new world of ecological justice, Polly Higgins, June 12 [1]


Arrorró, mi niño...

The concept of “Living Well” - a Bolivian viewpoint, Bolivia delegation at the UN, Apr 20 [2] topic


  • Bolivia: water shortages due to melting glaciers. The disappearance of glaciers in the Bolivian Andes Mountains is causing a concern because the future water shortages will affect the availability of suitable drinking water for a vulnerable migrant population. November 2 [3]

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El Alto, Bolivia

Bolivia Celebrates First Annual "Day of the Pedestrian", 5 September [4] topic

Village cinema Edit

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Bolivia's first national day of the pedestrian01:03

Bolivia's first national day of the pedestrian


Bolivia submits Cochabamba Conference outcome to UNFCCC, April 30 [5] The Bolivian submission incorporates the main content of a “Peoples Agreement” and a draft proposal for a “Universal Declaration of Mother Earth’s Rights” that were adopted at the Cochabamba Conference topic


  • Bolivia: deforestation rate is 20 times the global average. December 19 [6] topic

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