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"Participation is ranked 3rd (out of 97) and is well supported across all organisational types. Given the prominence of this concept, turning it into meaningful initiatives and outcomes in the Rio process will be vital." Rio+20: Analysis of Zero Draft Submissions, January 2012 [1]

Henderson Waves, Singapore

The Greening of Singapore, 14 January [2]

Cheser Zoo, England

Jane Goodall Institute: Saving Trees and Chimpanzees While Improving Health, 1/11/12 [3] topic


Rio 2012 - Zero draft of the outcome document published, January 2012 [4]

Sunset at the rowing pond

World cities say: 'Hear us!', New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg champions a major role for cities at Rio+20, Jan. 03 [5]

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  • Bangladesh sets new world record – five million high quality Compact fluorescent lamp Ws distributed to Bangladeshi homes, 26 July [1]

Island's disappearance attributed to global warming, March 25 [2] place, topic


  • An ordinary citizen highlights the crusade of some local media to save the rivers of Dhaka from pollution, September 21 [5] topic

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